FITSTRAP Assembly Video Instruction


FITSTRAP Assembly Pictoral Instruction

Step #1:

Unroll the FITSTRAP and wrap it vertically around the door. The loops of the strap should preferably be on the side of the door that is pushed open. Make sure the plastic buckle is at the top of the door.




Step #2:

Weave the loose end of the FITSTRAP up through the top opening of the plastic clip. It will be the opening closest to the top of the door.




Step #3:

Now weave the loose end of the FITSTRAP down through the bottom opening so that the excess strap is resting on top of the main strap. Adjust the FitStrap vertically until the thin part of the strap between the clip and the top loop is resting on the top of the door.   **** THE LOOPS AND CLIP CAN NOT BE ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE DOOR.  THEY MUST BE ON DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE DOOR AT THE TOP OF THE DOOR****

Adjust the FITSTRAP horizontally so that it is near the center of the door.


Step # 4:

Close and lock the door before using the FITSTRAP. Make sure that the FITSTRAP is secure between the top of the door and the doorframe when it is pulled up or down. THE LOOPS AND THE CLIP MUST BE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE DOOR.  Once the door is closed, place a rubber resistance band through any of the multiple loops to perform virtually any exercise.


For disassembly:
Either release the plastic buckle or unweave the end of the strap.

Enjoy Your FITSTRAP Experience

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