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"Having 3 children under the age of 5, a husband, and a full time job; it is sometimes difficult to workout. The FITSTRAP circuit workout gives me a chance to fit in a quick, effecive workout into my busy schedule." (Mrs. Martin - Teacher & Mother)

"Using the Fitstrap is a very important piece of exercise equipment for any strength training program that is done in the home or office. When my clients travel, they all use the Fitstrap because most hotels have antiquated exercise equipment that is in disrepair and is dangerous." (Steve Satin - Satin Wellness Inc.)

"My name is Natalie Heckert and I'm the creator of the E-Fit Gym. Me and many of my clients like to use the FITSTRAP with the E-Fit Gym to add diversity to some of the different workouts. As a trainer, instructor, and working mother of three children who travels frequently, I find that the FITSTRAP has been a great accesory product for my E-FIT Gym" (Natalie Heckert - NATS (Nutrition & Aerobic Training Service / Total E-Fit)

“Fundamental Fitness Products has seen the great potential of the FITSTRAP from the day it was introduced to us by the inventor Frank Rotella. We like the product so much that we’ve added it to our product line and watched it become one of our most successful products. The versatility of being able to use it in your home, office or take it on a road as made it a best seller”. (Robert Raymond - President of Fundamental Fitness Products & Achieve Fitness USA)

"Fitstrap proves that it's often the simplest of ideas that turns out to be the most useful. Fitstrap's simple design and operational use means that anyone can use it safely and effectively. I will certainly be adding it to my list of recomended equipment for my clients". (Patrick Keeley - Personal Trainer)

I’ve been using the FITSTRAP for a year now. My life style is basically living on the road and by owning a FITSTRAP & some resistance bands, I am able to keep in shape and healthy on the road. Along with my traveling schedule and my long working hours at work, I am able to easily set-up my FITSTRAP and follow my trainer’s workout instructions. The workout gives me a better work out than hours at the gym. I highly recommend a FITSTRAP for the working people who just cannot find the time to get to the gym. With a FITSTRAP you are able to work out anywhere at at time of the day! (Dina Calabrese)

"I have the FITSTRAP on my home clients' doors as it makes for a convenient and effective way for me to do band work with them. Ialways like simple and versatile products.   The FITSTRAP also keeps the bands organized and out of the way when not in use." (Marc Lebert - Lebert Fitness)

"The FITSTRAP is a great product for the busy business executive. I take it with me whereever Igo. I am always coming up with new exercises to utilize the straps' versatility.   It is great for both stretching and also strength training.   I can get a great workout in under 30 minutes and can do it right in my hotel room.  Iam a big fan of the FITSTRAP." (Eric King - Business Executive / The Shred Sled www.theshredsled.com)

"Been using the fitstrap for P90X workouts. It works great . Very convenient since I don't have a pull -up bar.   Also very flexible for many other exercises with bands, my son and wife have been using it too" (Timothy Adams, CMP Director of Catering/Conventions - Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino)

"With my busy schedule, the FITSTRAP lets me get in a quick, effective workout at least a few times a week"   (Mr. Calabrese - Managing Director, Realty Network GMAC)

"The FITSTRAP has helped me incorporate a regular fitness routine into my dailt schedule. I've been completely satisfied with the results that I've seen over the past few years" (Mr. Puro - National Bulb Recycling, Inc.)

I have been using the FITSTRAP since it first came to market.  Being in the Fitness industry for more than 15 years, I have seen almost every product, I have tried many products, & my company has sold many products.  The FITSTRAP is the one product of very few, that I have in my house to use on a
regular basis.  Its convenient, easy to use, safe and provides a good workout.  I especially like to doing circuit workouts on the FITSTRAP. (Ed Kasanders - President of Motion Fitness)

"The FITSTRAP is by far the most versitile piece of equipment I've ever come across. As a mobile fitnes professional, about 70% of my personal training business is done in the client's home. And of that 70% nearly half have little or no equipment. So it's important I'm able to come in with effective exercise rountines and I'm able to easily carry my equipment. The FITSTRAP is compact, light weight and enables a very broad range of strength, cardio, AND core-conditioning exercises. The FITSTRAP is a critical part of my business."  (Derrick Wilburn - Achieve Fitness USA)

"I can tell you that the FITSTRAP is a very useful and affordable tool for my personal use at home and for mobile group and personal training workouts that I lead for my business. It's strong and very easy to set up. It's like having a whole gym full of equipment in a one handy little tool!" (Myles Murphy - Fitness Coach & Trainer in San Diego, CA)

"When it come to being a personal trainer, it's a plus to be versatile in what you can offer to a person.  The FITSTRAP give you that. I use it in many ways.  My chest workout gives me one of the best pumps you will ever have!! I use the FITSTRAP to do chest press, flys, and cross over exercises." (Owen Taylor - Personal Trainer in Clifton, NJ)

I love the FITSTRAP because I can adjust the height of may bands when I am working out with my favorite P90X system! I no longer have to find low furniture or support beams to attach my bands to. I have complete control over the resistance I want to create for each exercise. The FITSTRAP is great to use at home orcan be easily packed in a suitcase for exercising when traveling. (Suzy Stauffer, Founder of BeyondtheBusStop.com and a BeachBody Coach)

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