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The FITSTRAP is the Ultimate Fitness & Therapy Accesory Product

Bringing Fitness to a Whole New Level

The FITSTRAP is an all-in-one fitness & therapy product that's used by men and women to help tighten, tone, stretch, and strengthen virtually any muscle.  It's a simple door/wall strap that has 15 loops which are used for stretching or for attaching resistance bands. You can use the FITSTRAP as a main source of strength & flexibility training or to simply compliment your current workout routine.

How You Can Use a FITSTRAP?

Strength Training | Flexibility Training | Physical Therapy | Group Fitness | Circuit Training | Pilates | Balance Training | Speed & Agility Training | Core Training | Sport Specific Training | Boot Camps

The FITSTRAP is an ideal accessory product when used with rubber resistance bands, stability balls, balance training products, agility training products, the Lebert Buddy System, and NATS E-Fit.

Why use a FITSTRAP?

  • Quick & effective workouts in the privacy of your home or hotel room.
  • Easy & affordable way to exercise.
  • Adds variety to your existing workout.
  • Space saving piece of fitness equipment that's extremely portable..
  • Be a part of our Getting Fit & Giving Back Program

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